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don't wonder why people go crazy, wonder why they don't

22 June 1989
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Info: I'm 23 and live in Scotland. I'm living with my fiance alongside my beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's Izzie and George, and a very feisty little parrot called Binx. I just finished my HND in Animal Care and I'm in 3rd year uni. How did that happen?

Other: I'm a cancer. I wish I could horse ride. I love cooking and baking, though I'm not great. I'm in love with cupcakes of all kinds. I love to knit and want to make hammocks and cuddle cups for small animals. I like gardening, tho this comprises of me and my 1 cherry tomato plant. I'd love me some hens. I want a house with my own paddock and garden. I love dog agility. I love the fact I'm going to be wearing scrubs. I'm way more hippy than I seem. I'm all about the natural birth experience, though I shouldn't really comment on it till I try it.